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Carbon Zinc Cylindrical Batteries

GP Carbon Zinc Cylindrical Batteries serve as an economical source of power for devices that require different drain rates.

These premium carbon zinc batteries perform the best when applied to devices of light to moderate drains or continuous drains applications.

Carbon Zinc Cylindrical Batteries

‹ More economical in terms of hourly cost on moderate current drains/ use frequency when compared to the alkaline batteries
‹ Higher open circuit and initial close circuit voltages
‹ Extra heavy duty than alkaline batteries
‹ Environmentally friendly
‹ Comply to IEC, ANSI and JIS standards
‹ Toys
‹ Remote control
‹ Clocks
‹ Multimeters
‹ Flashlights
‹ Radio
‹ Security sensors
‹ Smoke detectors

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(Industrial Use Only):

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