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Lumina Systems provide a full series of Dialight Panel Mount Indicator. ( Dialight PMI )

Full Catalog of Dialight PMI, Contact us for more details

556 Series 1″ Mount LED Panel Mount Indicators

Daylight viewable indicators available in either dome or flat lens configuration provide uniform illumination. UL recognized, NEMA 4x tamper proof design available in a variety of voltage ranges – 12 VDC through 125 VDC and 125 and 230 VAC.

657 Series Watertight 11/16″ LED Panel Mount Indicator

Featuring a high-impact, UV-stabilized lens material, the 657 Series is available with domed, flat or right-angle lens options. Completely sealed and potted, these rugged indicators are highly suitable for outdoor applications.

557 Series 0.7″ Mount LED Panel Mount Indicators

Low profile lens design is daylight viewable, water tight (MIL-L-3661) and tamper proof and comes with lead wire for easy assemble. The single color version is designed for 5, 12 and 24 VDC input; a bi-color version is also available.

600 Series 5mm-12mm Mounting Hole LED Indicators

8 different mounting sizes are available with operating voltage ranging from 2 VDC to 6, 12 and 24 VDC with integral resistors.

Snap In Panel Mount Indicators (558 & 559 Series)

Designed to snap-in to either a 0.156″ (558 series) or 0.250″ (559 series) mounting hole, these indicators are available in a variety of LEDs from daylight viewable to integral resistor. Termination options, 6″ and 14″ lead wire or straight terminals.

249 Series LED Panel Mount Indicators

T 1 3/4 LED Replacement Bulbs

Available in midget flange, wedge base (T5), and bi-pin configurations and designed to operate at 6, 14 and 28 VDC. Both single and multi-chip versions are offered some with the non-polarized option.

T 2 LED Replacement Bulbs

The T 2 telephone slide base lamp (type 3) is designed for 24 volt AC or DC operation.

T 3 1/4 LED Replacement Bulbs

Miniature bayonet or screw and wedge base (T10) are offered. Single and cluster arrangements, daylight viewable with operations up to 125 VAC. Some are available with a variable input of 6-36 VDC.

15mm LED Replacement Bulbs

7 LED cluster lamp, single contact bayonet base designed for 12 and 24 VDC operation.

Neon / Incandescent Indicators

Lamp Holders
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DataLamp Series
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249 Series Neon Indicator
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