At Just 4.5 x 3 x 4 mm, the 594 Prism’s Small Footprint is Ideal for High-Density Board Designs

FARMINGDALE, N.J. (January 27, 2020)—Dialight (LSE:DIA) today announced the launch of its new 594 Prism® surface-mount indicator. The smallest right-angle indicator in its class, the 4.5mm x 3mm x 4mm 594 Prism features Dialight’s proprietary single-level design for through-hole applications in high-density boards and board-edge mounting in network interface cards, networking hardware, wireless components, electronic testing and measuring equipment.

Like all Dialight Prism indicators, the 594 is the only SMD indicator in its class designed to withstand 260°C peak reflow temperature and provide the aesthetics of a diffused lens for better visibility. The 594’s non-tinted, silicone lens offers superior heat resistance and the component is fully process compatible for reflow in a single step, eliminating the need for a secondary process to place a through-hole LEDs or light pipes. The 594 Prism series is available in 20-piece, 7-inch and 13-inch pick-and-place reels for fully automated installation.

“The new 594 design is based on Dialight’s proven original single-level PrismÒ design, offering the smallest footprint available on the market,” said Matthew Boudiette, Dialight Vice President and General Manager. “This piece rounds out our Prism family of products, giving our customers the variety, flexibility and options they need to deliver today’s extremely miniaturized electronics.”

The 594 Prism is available in a standard 20 milliamp version in red, orange, yellow, yellow-green and green.  A low-power 2 milliamp version comes in white, red, yellow, orange or ice blue, ideal for handheld, battery-powered device applications.

Its black, low-profile integrated lens housing enhances the contrast ratio for better clarity for maximum light transmission and reduced light bleed.

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